Bower PLLC attorneys represent businesses on multiple fronts, which fall into three main categories: prevention, process, and protection.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
“If you think hiring an expert is expensive, try hiring an amateur.”

There are lots of quotes that illustrate the importance of getting the job done right early.  Many young businesses are so worried about the price of legal services that they do not consider the cost of not using them.  That so often leads to a poor foundation on which to build a business.

Our attorneys work with new and established businesses to head off problems before they materialize.  At the earliest stages, this involves picking an appropriate business structure and drafting robust formation documents.

We draft and revise documents with an eye toward keeping potential issues in the potential category.  The benefits of this are two-fold.  1) The client is allowed keep its attention on growing their business.  2) The attorneys’ fees tend to be much smaller.


Bower PLLC attorneys work with our existing clients in the course of their businesses.  Clients seek our help to negotiate and advise on deals, to ensure legal compliance, and to serve as outside general counsel.  Knowing how our clients’ businesses operate allows us to provide better insight and to identify unexplored opportunities.  We recognize the importance of our clients’ successes and make ourselves available as a resource to them in their regular (and exceptional) operations.


Not all business problems can be avoided.  The ways that a situation can go wrong far outnumber the ways that it can go right.  Businesses are faced with changing market conditions, issues between customers or vendors, accidents, circumstances outside of their control, and sometimes simply not being aware of what they don’t know.  All these things can lead to civil claims and litigation.

The attorneys at Bower PLLC work to resolve claims, both those brought by and against our business clients.


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