The Bower PLLC Approach

The firm takes on clients whose situations we have the opportunity to improve.  That requires identifying a particular goal, crafting a plan to achieve it, and executing.  Whether it be growing wealth, creating legal protections, or righting wrongs, our job is to put clients in a better position than when they first walked in our door.

Our Story

Shortly after sitting for the bar exam, Adrian Bower walked into the Dallas office of what would become his first client and offered to conduct a free review of its oil and gas assets.  For the client, the value was even better than the price because what Adrian discovered was a large number of royalty underpayments mixed with some outright oil theft.  Adrian’s first paid legal work was the successful retrieval of that money.  Having earned that client’s trust, the scope of work has expanded to Adrian managing its nationwide portfolio of minerals.  This is the model that we continue to follow at Bower PLLC — creating great value for clients while forming lasting relationships.

Clients’ needs have morphed the firm into a litigation-heavy practice, where we predominantly represent plaintiffs (individual and businesses) who have been harmed by others.  We have not become blind to the pain of litigation, and routinely work with clients to attempt to head off problems before they arise by drafting clear forms and enforceable contracts, negotiating deals with an eye for what could go wrong, and forming companies with the appropriate structures and governing documents.

Attorney Adrian Bower

Adrian E. Bower – Managing Attorney at Bower PLLC


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