Our Law Practice

At the law offices of Bower PLLC, “we write contracts and right wrongs.” We do this by drafting documents and contracts to avoid legal problems down the road. Frequently business clients come to us for the first time after a legal issue has already developed. In those instances we embrace the role of “problem solver” to minimize negative consequences and maximize potential recovery.

We represent clients with litigation matters in dozens of Texas courts. The majority of our cases involve Plaintiff-side litigation (often including fraud, breach of contract, and DTPA). We help clients recover money when their businesses, property, bodies, and/or reputations have been harmed. The firm also represents Defendants by reducing or eliminating liability for alleged torts.

Our oil and gas practice covers hundreds of counties across the country. This practice is built around providing full service Oil & Gas representation to High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI) and Family Offices (FO). Smaller mineral owners rely on us to provide crash-courses and limited representation on leases, royalty disputes, and title issues. Exploration & Production companies (E&P) seek our counsel to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, as well to maximize transaction values.


We are a known quantity in Dallas and beyond.  Our reputation is acknowledged by clients, adversaries, and the community at large.